SignBlast: Sandblasting in Cape Town.


SignBlast offers Cape Town sandblasting that finishes the windows, glass and mirrors in your home or office with a classic look. It not only offers endless possibility for expressing interior design with flair, but can offer privacy in a friendlier manner than a solid wall would.

We also offer:

  • Sandblasted signage
  • Sandblasting on wine glasses, trophies, shower doors, frameless glass and glass doors
  • Sandblasting on tempered glass
  • 3-D sandblasted images - to really impress...
  • Clearshield application - for glass that won't stain or go mouldy and prevents lime scale build- up from hard water.

Please bring us your material to sandblast. If you need on-site sandblasting, consider sandblast film as an alternative.

Why not come view our vast range of designs and chat to us about your ideas? We can help you find just the right solution.

Sandblasted Wine Glasses

Sandblasted Wine Glasses

Cape Town Specialist Sandblasting.

Specialist Sandblasting

Cape Town sandblasting of signage.

Sandblasted Signage

Cape Town sandblasting of a special message.

Sandblasted Gifts

Sandblasted Mirror / Frames

Sandblasted Mirrors

Cape Town Sandblasting for privacy.

Shower Sandblasting

Cape Town plaque sandblasting.

Sandblasted Award Plaque

Cape Town sandblasting specialists.

Deep-blasted Glass

"Such an incredible team of people to work with!"
- Danielle Gunning