SignBlast: Stone engraving in Cape Town.


SignBlast can engrave anything into real stone - the unique finish given by stone engraving is gaining popularity with landscapers and home designers for a reason. We also engrave in granite and marble!

  • Pet Memorial Stone
  • Grave Stone
  • House Name
  • A Favourite Poem
  • Herb Garden Marker
  • Meditation Walk Symbol
  • Celebration Keepsake
  • Door Stopper

You can provide a suitable stone, or ask us to source for you. Chat to us about your ideas and we'll guide you with versatile engraving options that will work best for your stone and/or needs.

Landscaping stone engraving

Landscape Design Aid

Symbols engraved in stone by Signblast.

Stone Engraved Saying

Cape Town pet memorial stone.

Pet Memorial Stone

Cape Town stone engraving of a logo.

Logo Engraved in Stone

Saying Engraved in Stone.

Stone Engraved Saying

Keepsake engraved in stone.

Celebration Keepsake

Keyring pebbles engraved

Engraved Pebble Keyrings

Stone engraved house name.

Movable House Name

Engraved Memorial Stone in granite.

Granite Grave Stone

Herb name stones engraved.

Herb Name Stones

Shopping center floor tiles engraved

Engraved Floor Tiles

Stone engraved as memorial.

Memorial Stone

"Signblast didn't flinch when I presented them with a very heavy heart-shaped river rock to engrave to memorialise my heart-dog, Blu. They went above and beyond and their empathy for my loss was palpable. Now I'll always remember my beloved Blu-boy while remembering Signblast's superb service!"
- Ronel