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2 Alexandra Rd,
Maitland, 7405
(on border of Pinelands / Ndabeni / Maitland)
Cape Town, South Africa

Mobile: +27 (0)82 407 8908
Loyal Signblast employees

About Us at Signblast

Anthony and Celeste Gyselman started Signblast in 2000 and have grown it into a small, highly dedicated, experienced and loyal team – known to really give clients first class personal attention and to implement clients' needs professionally and cost effectively.

Anthony comes from a marine electrical background and Celeste is a qualified civil engineer, and their values center on God, family and treading lightly on the earth. Their eco-friendly values mean they also advise clients on the most lasting and least harmful solutions possible.

The Signblast team never cuts corners, only uses the best quality materials available and have zero tolerance for sloppy work. On site jobs are done with utmost respect for the owner's property and left behind neat and clean.

At Signblast you will usually be received by our long-time manager, Knowledge, and his team, who'll take care of actual manufacturing and installation (where required).

"When Cedarpeak Mountain Cottages near Porterville was established a few years ago we approached Signblast to create signage for the walks and trails around the farm. They produced signs which are clear and harmonise with the natural environment. We are very happy with their work!"
- Cedarpeak Mountain Cottages