We offer a highly personalised  service and pride ourselves on a fast turn around without losing quality. We want the customer to feel well looked after.

So, how can we help you?

We can do your signage design

Have you just opened a new shop/ changed your branding/bought a new car?

If you are in construction, do you need fire and safety signage, site signage, project and sign board, building names or interior signage?

We can do all your window films…

Have you installed windows in your office/home and now need privacy? Let us apply sandblast film on the windows and you choose from our in house designs or bring your own design/logo.

Temperature control in you office or home with our high quality tinting films.

We can do sandblasting…

Why don’t you come and view our wide range of designs to finish the glass in your new home with a classic sandblasted look?

Or if you really want to impress; let us do a three dimensional sandblasted image for you

We are also Clearshield applicators – for glass that won’t stain or go mouldy and prevents lime scale build- up from hard water.

We can do stone engraving…

This is engraving into real stone to give you a unique finish every time. Maybe you want to put the name of your house, a favourite poem, mark your plants…the possibilities are endless!

We can do plaques…

We engrave granite plaques; whether it be memorial, opening of a new building or just a name of something or someone.

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